60Pcs Mixed ABS Plastic Gear Kit 0.5M DIY

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Fine ABS Plastic Gear Kit 0.5M Mixed 60 pcs Different Gears DIY Toy Robot Motor Model Gearbox Accessories.

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60 pcs gear kit check the picture. Most of single-layer, Crown, pulleys, double gear applicable 2MM, (few of them is 3mm, 2.5mm), this kit even have copper gear 102A, and there have 2.3MM 3.17MM hole spindle gear, rack, worm, belts, etc., this can satisfy commonly DIY creations.

  • Single gear: 8 Models, the largest model 482A
  • Spindle gear: 9 Models, the largest model 142A
  • Double gear: 12 Models, the largest model 46082A
  • Pulleys: 7 Models, the largest model 242A
  • Crown gear: 9 Models, the largest model C323A
  • Blue motor gear: 2 Models
  • Belt: 4 Models
  • Sleeve: 4 Models
  • Worm: 4 Models
  • Rack: 1 Models
  • Copper teeth: 1 Models
  • Bevel: 1 Models


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