CH341A USB EEPROM SPI Flash BIOS Programmer

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USB Programmer CH341A Series 24 EEPROM Writer 25 SPI Flash BIOS Board Module USB to TTL 5V-3.3V Software Driver Download

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Product Description

24 and 25 series of FLASH has been very popular at present. Burn for these chips, currently only professional programmer can support, but the price of a professional programmer is very expensive, not general maintenance users can have; So we can create a support block 24 series of EEPROM and ST, WINBOND, AMIC, MXIC, SST, SPANSION, EON, PMC and other manufacturers of 8 feet 25 series chip programmer.


To all sorts of color TV set memory (24 series IC), LCD (24.25 series IC)  desktop motherboard (25 series IC) notebook (25 series IC) router (25 series IC) card (25 series IC) DVD (25 series IC), set-top boxes (25 series IC) software to unlock, backup, erasing, burning, check.

  • By special USB chip CH341A production. USB1.1 communication. Burning speed than ordinary ATMEGA8 25
    Series of programming 2-3 times faster.
  • Erase the Burning Check Speed about 2-3 mbit per minute.
  • Very suitable for amateur burning
  • 24 and 25 series of FLASH.
  • Support All versions of Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 etc & Linux & Mac OS
  • Uses the USB port power supply

For SPI & IIC Chip Programming (24 & 25 Series)

  • Put the Programmer in Computer USB port
  • Open the “CH341A programmer software” the burning software.
  • Choose Chip Capacity if using 24 Series, Click Detect for auto Detection of Chip of 25 Series
  • Can Burn Write, Erase & Backup Chips

For Serial TTL Programming

  • Set the Jumper
  • Put the Programmer computer USB port,
  • Programmer has Serial Pinouts of  RX, TX & GND
  • Connect RX Pin to TX Pin & TX pin to RX Pin & GND to GND
  • Choose corresponding COM port,
  • Open the Corresponding Download Software Platform for example (PUTTY for Serial Terminal Emulator)
Links to Other Programmer Sotware and drivers :

The first two are the ones you need

  • CH341SER.EXE – self installing archive with USB to serial driver.
  • CH341PAR.EXE – self installing archive with multi-protocol interface driver (this one is for the programmer mode)
  • CH341SER.ZIP – archive containing driver files and serial API and library (you don’t need specific API for standard serial port, but it contains some special functions to get IC version etc.)
  • CH341PAR.ZIP – archive containing driver files for interface mode and API (header and library to access the device and use any protocol you want).
  • CH341PAR_LINUX.ZIP – archive containing Linux driver source code and Linux API
  • CH341SER_LINUX.ZIP – Linux driver source code for serial port (don’t need this one, it’s already included in kernels)
  • CH341EVT.ZIP – some source code and tools written to be used with an evaluation board (may be useful for programming software that can access this device)
  • CH341DS1.PDF – datasheet, in Chinese
  • CH341DS2.PDF – some additional info and API documentation, in Chinese
  • CH341DP.ZIP – contains an ISP programming tool?
  • CH341DPS.ZIP – probably similar to the above, but requires login to download

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    Umair Aslam

    Excellent experience. Module received in 2 days. All ok.

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    Thank you paksale

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    Safisfied with service

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    Reasonable price. Good service.

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    This store is very nice. Seller provides full support before and after purchase. Programmer received on the next day. Quick delivery. Thanx

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    very good product i got it in 1 day thankk you

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    Malik Zahid

    Quick service & genuine products on this online store

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    Atif khan

    Techchart increased price which is not Good.They should maintain their prices at all.

    • admin

      dear friend. changes in price depends upon the tax rates and some other transaction factors. We always try to provide products to our customers on best rates.

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    بہت اچھی سروس ہے۔ اوریجنل پراڈکٹ ہے۔ اور ڈیلیوری بھی بہت فاسٹ ہے۔
    شکریہ ایڈمن

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