DHT11 Temperature And Relative Humidity Sensor Module


New DHT11 Temperature And Relative Humidity Sensor Module For Arduino

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Product Description

  • Can detect ambient humidity and temperature sensor DHT11
  • Humidity measuring range: 20% -95% (range 0 degrees -50 degrees) and humidity measurement error: + – 5%
  • Temperature measuring range: 0 degrees -50 degrees temperature measurement error: + – 2 degrees
  • Operating Voltage 3.3V-5V
  • Output Type Digital Output
  • Has a fixed bolt hole for easy installation
  • Small plates PCB size: 3.2cm * 1.4cm
  • Power indicator (red)
  • Each weighs about 8g
  • Two module interface specification (3-wire)
  • VCC 3.3V-5V external
  • GND External GND
  • DO small board switch digital output interface connected to the microcontroller IO port

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